Sarah Wyse

(Wyse Women)

A digital media executive with over 15 years experience working in the media, marketing and communications industry, Sarah has spent the past 8 years in the tech start-up space as MD of leading ad-tech business Videology, before taking up the position of CRO at Allure Media. Passionate about creating and building profitable business ventures that in some way either transform an industry or bring value to others - ideally both - Sarah launched Wyse Women in 2016 as a community that brings together experienced, credible, like-minded women (and men) and businesses who recognize the need for a talented flexible workforce. Borrowing some of the key attributes of the gig economy, namely flexibility, skills-based work, an outcomes-driven focus, diversity and project work, Wyse Women applies these concepts to a senior and experienced workforce, as a vehicle for driving increased participation of senior women in the workplace. 


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