Elizabeth Jens

(NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

Jens works at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California–the leading US centre for the robotic exploration of the solar system. Here, she divides her time between developing hardware for the next Mars rover in 2020, and devising new ways of fuelling small space vehicles that will orbit around other planets." - Vogue


Elizabeth says: “I share my time between working on a subsystem for the next Mars rover and developing a small propulsion system to enable stand-alone interplanetary SmallSat missions. For the rover… a lot of my time goes into system engineering and communicating between various teams. I’m also responsible for understanding and modelling the physics of my subsystem so I spend some time coding as well as some time with hardware running tests. My work on the SmallSat propulsion system is with a much smaller team. Together we work on designing the rocket (both at a high level conceptually and then all the way through to detailed design), running tests where we hot-fire the rocket to understand how it performs, analyzing test data, modelling the performance under various operating conditions, and integrating our results into high-level trades for various potential missions” – Rocket Women

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