Gary Aspden


Gary Aspden has every sneaker fanatic’s dream job. He started working for adidas during the 1990’s in Entertainment Promotions where he rubbed elbows with several of the world’s most prominent artists. In 2003 he orchestrated a collaboration with A Bathing Ape that set the standard for co-branded footwear partnerships. Last year he traveled to Argentina on an expedition seeking out deadstock trainers in a small shop that had been preserved for the past thirty years. That trip lead to his Spezial Exhibition which showcases over 600 pairs from the adidas archives and shares the name of his own adidas collection. - Classic Kicks


Gary says: “I have done nearly 17 years with Adidas and was an employee for many years. Nowadays I am retained as a consultant and work on specialised marketing projects based out of the London office. Aside from that I have a contract to design the Adidas Originals x Spezial range. Spezial was originally just a two season deal but Adidas have extended it. There are still a lot of countries where it has not yet been ranged, however, in the countries where it is available it seems to have picked up an almost cultish following. I heard someone use the term ‘mass produced secret’ and that is what it currently feels like in many ways.”

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